How to Troubleshoot Wiper Motor Problems on a Honda

by Alibaster Smith

The wiper motor on a Honda controls the action of the windshield wiper arm and blades. The motor typically sits on the passenger's side of the engine bay and is mounted to the firewall with four bolts. Normally, this motor will last the life of the vehicle. However, you may need to troubleshoot the motor if you are experiencing problems with your windshield wipers to verify that the motor is actually the problem.

Step 1

Open the fuse panel box in the passenger compartment. The panel cover is located on the driver's side of the car to the left of the steering wheel, or under the steering wheel in some Hondas. You may need to push two retaining tabs together and pull down on the fuse panel cover, or turn the release knob counterclockwise and pull down to open the cover.

Step 2

Take the fuse puller from the panel cover and grab the head of the fuse for the wiper motor with the fuse puller teeth.

Step 3

Pull the fuse straight out of the fuse box and inspect the fuse to make sure that the fuse is not broken or "popped."

Step 4

Replace the fuse if it is popped, or put the fuse back if it appears to be OK.

Step 5

Open the hood and locate the wiper motor. It will be located on the passenger side of the engine bay, and will be bolted to the firewall near the cowl. The motor looks like a long cylindrical canister and may be mounted at a 45-degree angle towards the driver's side.

Step 6

Check all wiring running to the wiper motor to make sure that there are no frayed or damaged wires. If you notice damaged wiring, have the wiring serviced by a professional mechanic.

Step 7

Check to make sure the electrical connection running to the wiper motor is connected and that the plug is not damaged. If the connector is damaged, have the motor and wiring checked and replaced by a professional mechanic.

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