How to Fix the Automatic Car Windows in a Kia Optima

by Don Bowman

The power windows in the Kia Optima get their power from a fuse under the driver's side dash. The power window switch in the driver's door has an automatic-down circuit board under the driver's side window switch. All the windows can be operated from the driver's door as well as from the individual doors. When the power windows fail or an individual window fails to operate, the cause should be explored first to determine the correct repair.

Step 1

Check the fuse for the power windows. Operate the windows and see if the problem is isolated to one window. If not, the switch is most likely bad and needs more diagnosing.

Step 2

Remove the door panel to the inoperative window. Start by removing the two Phillips screws in the area of the arm rest and the one screw that holds a plastic cover in front of the door handle. Remove the plastic cover over the retaining nuts for the outside side-view mirror.

Step 3

Insert the common screwdriver in between the door panel and the door to pry out the trim fasteners along all three sides of the door panel. Hold the door panel away from the door enough to disconnect the electrical connectors from the window switch and the power door locks.

Step 4

Remove the door panel and then remove the window switch from the panel. Plug the switch into its connector and turn the ignition key on. Move the switch in both directions and listen for the motor to work. If it does not, check the back-side of the switch with the voltmeter as it is operated to see if there is power to the terminals when activated. If there is power, the motor is bad. If there is no power, the switch is bad.

Step 5

Remove the bolts holding the window to the horizontal track. Insert the common screwdriver in between the window and door to act as a wedge to hold the window up when the regulator is removed. Turn the key off and disconnect the switch.

Step 6

Disconnect the electrical connector from the window motor. Remove the four nuts--two on each side of the door--holding the window track in the door. Remove the three bolts holding the window motor to the door. Remove the track with the motor from the access in the door. Install new parts in reverse order of removal.

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