How to Remove a Honda Accord Door Panel

by Editorial Team

When removing a Honda Accord door panel, you must remove the panel using the proper tools and techniques. Anyone can remove the door panel from an Accord, but if done wrong, the door panel will be broken and will not fit back onto the door correctly. The door panels of an Accord can be removed to change the window regulator, to cover the door panel in new fabric or to tint the windows. Learn how to remove a Honda Accord door panel and save time on your next project.

Step 1

Remove the cover for the outside mirror mount. This is at the top and front of the door panel. Pull the window regulator handle forward, but not enough to break it. Reach behind it with a metal hook and pull out the small metal clip (it looks like a ring until it is pulled out).

Step 2

Look down into the pockets and indentions of the door panel for screws. There will be several screws to remove down inside the pockets, one in the pocket on the arm rest and one in the hole where the door handle is. Remove all of these screws.

Step 3

Use a flat head screwdriver to pry the center cap off of the window regulator. There is a screw behind the cap. Remove the screw and pull the handle out about halfway. Reach behind it and remove the metal rod. If your car is equipped with power locks, there will be a power connection here also. Unclip the connection.

Step 4

Move around the outer edge of the door panel and pry out with a flat head screwdriver. Use the trim pad remover to remove the clips that are secruing the door panel to the door. There will be clips along all four sides of the panel.

Step 5

Pull the door panel forward and off of the door. Disconnect the light bulb socket from the light in the door panel. The panel should now be completely free from the door.

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