How to Replace a Window Motor on a Blazer

by Allen Moore

The Chevrolet Blazer power window motor is the linchpin of the entire power window system. The motor is not only the center point between you and the window -- without it, you're powerless to move the window. When you push the window button, you energize the window motor. The motor then moves the regulator gear, which allows the regulator to move the window. If your Blazer has a broken window motor and you have at least entry-level auto-repair experience, you can replace the motor yourself.

Step 1

Take the power window switch assembly out of the Blazer's door with the trim tool. Turn the switch over and remove the wiring connector from the switch's base by hand.

Step 2

Remove the screws holding the Blazer's door panel to the door using a Phillips screwdriver. Lift the panel off the door by hand by first lifting upward and then pulling outward.

Step 3

Pick the Blazer's window glass up and slide it to the top of the window channel by hand. Tape the glass to the door top with packing tape.

Step 4

Reach into the Blazer's door with your socket set and remove the retaining bolts from the window motor. Unplug the window motor wiring connector by hand. Remove the broken motor from the Blazer's door.

Step 5

Place the Blazer's new window motor in the door by hand. Bolt it in place using a socket set. Plug the wiring connector into the new motor manually.

Step 6

Reinstall the Blazer's door panel by reversing the method used to remove it. Take all the tape off the Blazer's door before using the new window motor.

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