How to Replace the Window in a Mercury Sable

by Allen Moore

The Mercury Sable is the upscale brother of the Ford Taurus. While the two vehicles share a lot of commonalities, Sables tend to appeal to a different customer base. Regardless of who owns the Sable, there may come a time when the window needs to be replaced. This procedure is almost identical to the window replacement in a Taurus, so these instructions can be followed for either vehicle. When the time comes, be prepared to devote a few hours to this task.

Step 1

Tape the window in place by running a foot-long section of clear packing tape from the outside of the window glass, up over the door frame and down onto the inside of the window glass. This will prevent the glass from moving on its own.

Step 2

Remove the fasteners from the door panel using the socket set.

Step 3

Insert the trim pin removal tool under the bottom, trailing edge of the door panel and unseat the trim pin located there. Continue to unseat the trim pins across the bottom of the door panel until you have dislodged them all.

Step 4

Lift the door panel upward far enough to slip your hand between it and the door so that you can disconnect the wiring harness connector from the power window and lock switches. You may need a pocket screwdriver to unclip the harness connector from the switch. Once that is done, move the door panel out of the way.

Step 5

Shine the flashlight into the door and locate the glass mounts bolted to the top of the window regulator.

Step 6

Use the socket set to unbolt the mounts from the window regulator.

Step 7

Remove the tape from the window glass carefully and lower the glass into the door from the outside until you can raise it back up and pull it out of the window frame. This may require titling the glass toward the front of the Sable. Be careful, as the glass can shatter easily.

Step 8

Insert the new glass in the reverse order of how you removed the old glass. Once it is in the door, raise it up to the top and tape it in place in the same manner you taped the old glass in step one.

Step 9

Bolt the window regulator to the new glass mounts with the socket set.

Step 10

Reinstall the door panel in the reverse manner of how you removed it. Do not forget to reconnect the lock and window switch wiring harness.

Step 11

Remove the tape from the glass and clean the glass with the glass cleaner and rag.

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