Removing a Hyundai Accent Door Panel

by Don Bowman

Hyundai door panels are held on primarily with trim fasteners which resemble large plastic stove bolts. They have a large, round, flat head and serrated shaft that hold through use of friction from the serrations. A common screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver will be needed.

Remove the Phillips screws in the arm rest. On most models, there is a plastic cover over the hole. Remove the covers and the screws. Remove the screw that holds the plastic cover just in front of the door handle and remove the cover. There is a triangular cover on the top front of the door panel that covers the mounting surface for the outside mirror. This cover is held on by male, plastic protrusions. All it takes to remove this is to pry it off with the common screwdriver. Look for any screws around the outside circumference of the door. If you see any screws, remove them.

Insert the common screwdriver between the door panel and the door at the upper most level of the rear of the door panel and slide it down until it contacts the first trim fastener. Carefully pry the fastener from its hole in the door. It is good to note that these door panels are nothing more than cardboard covered in material. Care should be taken not to rip the panel while in the process of removing the fasteners. Once the first fastener is removed, slide the screwdriver down until it contacts the next fastener, remove it and proceed as before until all fasteners are removed on all three sides of the door.

Once they all have been pried out tip the bottom of the panel outward a little. The door panel is hooked onto the top ledge where the window felt or seal is located. The curved edge at the top hooks to the horizontal ledge so while the bottom of the panel is tipped outward lift up to unhook and move the panel away from the door a few inches. Look behind the door panel and disconnect the electrical connectors from the window switch, door lock switch and the mirror as well. Remove the electrical connector that leads to the lower left marker light.

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