How to Remove the Dash From a Ford F-150

by Chris Moore
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The dash on a Ford F-150 pickup truck is made up of numerous trim panels that help contain the instrument panel, cluster and other components. You will likely need to remove any to all dash panels to work on any parts in the front of the truck, and you will need to remove some panels first to remove others. Please note that the removal procedure can vary greatly depending on the model year of your F-150.

Step 1

Disconnect the truck's negative battery cable by peeling back the insulator if one is equipped and loosening the clamp nut for the black cable with a wrench. Set this cable aside so it won't accidentally come into contact with the battery post during the dash removal.

Step 2

Remove the driver's-side knee bolster by removing the two screws located at the bottom (they should require a Phillips-head screwdriver) and prying around the top of the panel with a trim stick, flat screwdriver or other dull, flat-bladed tool to release the panel from its clips.

Step 3

Unscrew the screws for the instrument cluster bezel, which surrounds the cluster and steering column; these screws are at the two lower corners. Use the trim stick to release the bezel's clips at the top end, pry it off and disconnect any electrical connectors attached to it. You may need to remove the steering wheel in order to remove this bezel.

Step 4

Work the trim stick or other flat tool around the entire edge of the instrument panel center bezel--which surrounds the stereo and heater/air conditioner controls--to release it from its clips. This one panel has no screws to remove.

Step 5

Remove the screws for the upper finish panel, which aren't accessible until you remove the instrument panel bezel, and remove the panel from the dash.

Step 6

Open up the glove compartment door. Press the two sides of the compartment inward until until its bumpers clear the stops. Remove the fasteners at the bottom of the box to remove the glove compartment.

Step 7

Remove the pushpin fasteners that secure the center brace cover at the bottom of the panel and remove the panel.

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