How to Replace a Chevy Blazer Door Lock Mechanism

by Lee Sallings
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The Chevy Blazer door lock mechanism is part of the latch assembly located inside the door, and requires the removal of the door panel to replace it. The tools and skills required to perform this repair are basic, and well within the range of the average home mechanic. Expect replacement time to be between 1 and 2 hours depending on your personal skill level.

Step 1

Remove the door panel by removing the screws located in the door pull/arm rest, the inside latch trim, and the lower edge of the panel. Late-model Blazers also have a trim piece located over the mirror screws that unsnaps to provide clearance when removing the panel. Pull out on the panel to release it from the internal plastic retainers, and then up to slide it off the door. Unplug any power window or door lock electrical connectors, and lay the panel aside.

Step 2

From inside the door, unsnap and then rotate the retainers that attach the door's actuator rods to the latch assembly. Remove the actuator rods from the door latch assembly.

Step 3

Remove the three screws that attach the latch assembly to the door, and remove the latch assembly from the door. This may require a little effort to turn the assembly in just the right way to move it past other parts located inside the door.

Step 4

Install the new latch assembly by inserting it into the door and securing it with the retaining screws. Re-install the actuator rods, and lock them into place by twisting the retainers until they snap onto the rods.

Step 5

Restore the electrical connections for the power windows and door locks. Reinstall the door panel, and secure it with the retainers and screws that were removed when the panel was disassembled.

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