How to Remove a Lincoln Navigator Door Panel

by Cameron Easey

Removing the door panel of a Lincoln Navigator is necessary if you need to access or replace the speaker mounted in the door. Hidden screws secure the door panel; you must remove them before taking off the door panel.

Pull up on the trim piece along the upper back edge of the window to remove it from the door. Remove the push-pin fastener used to secure the trim piece to the door.

Locate the door release on the inside of the door. There will be a plastic cover cap that is in the door panel behind the door release. Use the small pry bar or a flat-head screwdriver to remove the plastic cover cap.

Look for a bolt behind the plastic cap. This bolt is used to secure the door release to the door. Remove the bolt by using the socket wrench. Pull out the bolt and then remove the door release.

Pry off the mirror triangle trim piece on the upper right corner of the driver's-side door and remove the push-pin fastener. If you are working on the passenger-side door, the trim piece will be in the upper left corner.

Pry off the power window switch panel on the arm rest of the door panel with the pry bar or the flat head screwdriver. Unplug any of the electrical connections and then set the panel aside.

Pull the door panel outward to release it from the plastic connectors used to secure it to the door.

Grab the door panel on each side and then upward and pull it away from the door. Unplug any electrical connections to separate the door panel from the door.


  • The door release is the handle you use to open the door from inside the vehicle.


  • Do not force the panel out of the door because you could break the plastic connections.
  • If your Lincoln Navigator does not have power windows, you will need to remove the window crank to separate the door panel.

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