Removing the Door Panel on a Buick

by Don Bowman

Removing the Door Panel

Removing the door panel on a Buick is required when changing the window regulator or the window motor. To remove the door panel, start by removing the V-shaped plastic cover concealing the mounting point for the outside mirror. Remove the two large Phillips screws in the armrest. Remove the screw holding the plastic cover on in the front of the door handle. Remove the cover. This allows the door panel to be removed leaving the door handle in place.

Using a small screwdriver, insert it in the back of the window switch and pry the switch forward and up. This will pop the rear snap out of its recess and allow the switch to be removed. Once the switch is loose, disconnect the electrical connector in the rear of the switch. Using the small screwdriver once more, release the male plugs that are inserted into the small holes running along the circumference of the door. These are plastic plugs and are held in by the friction of the mating surface of the plugs. There should be three of them on each of the three panels. Some models may have four.

Insert the screwdriver between the door panel and the door at the rear upper most side of the door panel. Slide the screwdriver down until it contacts one of the plugs and pry it out. Slide the screwdriver down until it contacts the next plug and so on around the three sides of the panel. The top of the door panel grips a ledge next to the window like a hand gripping the door and window. Lift the door panel up sufficiently to remove the top side of the door panel from the top ledge and pull away from the door about 6 or 7 inches. Look behind the panel and disconnect all electrical connectors. There is also a connector to the small marker light on the bottom rear of the panel.

Installing the Door Panel

To install the door panel, hold it close to the door and connect all the electrical connectors. Angle the door panel out at the bottom and hook the top sill of the door panel to the ledge and swing the door panel down. Make sure that the male plugs are lined up with the holes and push them in. Install the two large screws in the armrest and the plastic cover and screw in front of the door handle. Install the window switch connector and the switch into the door panel. Install the V-shaped cover to the back of the outside mirror.

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