How do I Open the Trunk of a Chevrolet HHR With Dead Battery?

by David Hoskins
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The Chevrolet HHR (Heritage High Roof) comes standard with full power accessories including all doors and windows, but that can be a problem if you are trying to open your trunk with a dead battery. The HHR design includes a touch pad on the trunk handle for opening the unlocked trunk. If the battery is dead, then the touchpad will not function and there is no manual excess available on the exterior of the trunk. It is still possible to open the trunk manually, but you must be inside the rear of the HHR to do it.

Step 1

Enter the HHR and position yourself inside the rear area just behind the liftgate.

Step 2

Find the removable trim plug in the liftgate. The trim plug located near the center of the line of trim plugs running along the bottom of liftgate. Remove the removable trim plug. If necessary, carefully use the thin flat tool to pry up the edge of the removable trim plug.

Step 3

Locate the release lever inside the liftgate. The release lever is approximately three inches within the trim plug opening.

Step 4

Use the thin flat tool and push on the release lever until you hear the latch release. You should hear a pop or clank. Do not push in the liftgate while trying to release the latch; the added weight will make the release lever more difficult to operate.

Step 5

Replace the trim plug back into it's opening within the liftgate and then push the liftgate to open.

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