How to Replace a Pontiac G6 Passenger Side-View Mirror

by Jody L. Campbell

GM side-view mirror replacements are expensive whether purchasing them from the dealer or aftermarket venues. If the passenger side-view mirror on your Pontiac G6 is broken, missing, or just inoperable, the determined do-it-yourselfer can perform the repair and save some money on labor charges from dealer service or local body shops.

Roll the passenger side door window all the way down. Turn off the ignition and remove the keys.

Gently pry the window control panel from the arm rest with the pry tool or screwdriver starting at the bottom of the panel. Flip it over and unplug all the wire harness outlets from it. Set the panel aside.

Locate and remove the two panel door plugs near the arm rest concealing the two screws and remove the screws with the Phillips head screwdriver.

Remove the door panel retainer plugs along the edge of the door by pressing in the middle of the plug to unlock it and removing the plug.

Detach the mounting triangle from the upper inside door panel covering the side-view mirror.

Remove the door panel by lifting outward and then upward. Disconnect the speaker wire harness from the underside of the door panel and set the door panel aside.

Locate and disconnect the mirror wire harness.

Pull back the foam insulation from the inside panel covering the side-view mirror.

Unscrew the three mounting nuts from the mirror using the ratchet, extension and a socket. Do not drop the nuts into the door cavity.

Pry the mirror gently away from the outside of the door.

Install the new mirror and replace the mounting nuts on the mirror studs and tighten with the ratchet, socket, and extension. Plug the mirror wire harness back in. Replace the foam insulation. Replace the mounting triangle.

Replace the door panel by reversing the procedure. Start by plugging in the speaker wire first.

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