How to Remove a Dodge Caravan Door Panel

by Jody L. Campbell

You don't have to be a mechanic or a auto body technician to remove the door panel of your Dodge Caravan. There are a number of reasons why you might have to remove the door panel that may require a professional, but there are easy do-it-yourself repairs that you could take on and save money in labor charges by doing so.

How to Remove a Dodge Caravan Door Panel

Step 1

Open the door of the panel you want to remove and roll the window all the way down. If the window is manual, remove the window crank handle. Depending on the year of your Caravan, it may have a screw in the middle of the top of the knob and you may have to pop off the center molding cover, or the handle may pop off the spindle by prying it straight off at the top of the knob.

Step 2

Remove the courtesy light (if equipped) from the door panel by prying it out carefully with the small pry bar. Unplug the wire beneath the courtesy light.

Step 3

Locate and remove the screws in the door panel. One will be located on the center of the interior door handle assembly. One will be located on the pull cup section of the door panel. One or more screws may be located below the map pocket (if equipped).

Step 4

Remove the switch panel cover screws from the arm rest (if equipped) with the screwdriver. Be careful of the wires plugged into the electrical components. Disconnect the plugs from the underside of the switch panel. If the Caravan is equipped with a "memory" switch for the seat and mirror, gently pry that from the door panel on the arm rest and unplug it.

Step 5

Start pulling the door panel away from the door frame by gently pulling around the edges of the bottom and sides of the door panel. There are snap clips holding the panel to the frame.

Step 6

Lift the door panel upward and forward to pry out the flange of the belt molding at the top of the door panel. Pull the door panel toward you at the top and reach in behind to locate and disconnect the door handle rod. This simply pulls out of the door handle.

Step 7

Remove the door panel from the door. To reinstall, reverse the process.

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