Where Is the Audi A Transmission Module Located?

by Cecil Fontaine
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The Audi A models use a transmission control module, or TCM, to analyze signals from the car's sensors and control all automatic gear shifting in the vehicle. The transmission control module is an onboard computer, which may malfunction. This is most often exhibited in the gear shifting aspect. You may have trouble shifting from gear to gear or be unable to shift at all, making driving impossible. If you notice problems when shifting, knowing the TCM's location will prove helpful.

Step 1

Slide the front passenger seat all the way back, exposing the entire front passenger well. Remove the screw that holds the front passenger kick panel in place and pull the kick panel out.

Step 2

Remove the carpeting directly in front of the front passenger seat by grabbing the door trim strip and pulling (the side of the door trim strip is exposed after removing the front passenger kick panel). Once you have removed the carpeting in the front passenger foot well, you should see the TCM directly in front of the front passenger seat.

Step 3

Locate the two screws that hold the TCM in place. The bottom screw is located underneath a small panel beneath the TCM. Use a flat-head screwdriver to pop the small panel off and then remove the bottom screw. The top screw is located directly above the TCM (there is nothing covering it). Use a screwdriver to remove the top screw and then pull the TCM out.

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