Where Is the Fuel Pump Driver Module Located in a Lincoln LS?

by Gregory Crews

The Lincoln LS uses a fuel pump driver module to send commands to the fuel pump from the vehicle central computer. The fuel pump driver module also sends commands to the fuel pump to isolate its electrical power in case of collision or unexpected vehicle movement. Locating the unit is straightforward because it is easily accessible for replacement.

Step 1

Park your Lincoln LS on a flat and level surface. Set the parking brake.

Step 2

Open the trunk.

Step 3

Look into the rear of the trunk behind the driver-side rear-passenger seat and pull back the carpeting. Locate a black, rectangular box that has a wiring harness plugged into the bottom of it. This is the fuel pump driver module.

Step 4

Unbolt the module by loosening the two bolts holding it in place with a socket wrench. Disconnect the wires at the bottom of the module by simply squeezing the locking tabs on the wires and disengaging them from the module.

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