How to Tell If an Audi Has Servotronic

by Nick Miles

Servotronic is a power-steering technology used by Audi and several other automakers that varies steering assistance based on vehicle speed. When the car is moving slowly -- in a parking lot, for example -- the power steering assistance is greater, improving maneuverability in tight spaces. At higher speeds, there is less power assistance, giving the driver more control on the highway. If your Audi is equipped with Servotronic, you will find the Servotronic module near the fuse box.

Step 1

Open the driver's door and locate the fuse panel on the left side of the dashboard.

Step 2

Insert the flat screwdriver into the small slit on the fuse panel and pry it loose.

Step 3

Look inside the fuse panel, behind the fuse box, for the Servotronic module. It will be marked with a "638" stamp or "Servotronic" marking. If the module is not there, then your Audi does not have Servotronic.

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