How to Remove Door Panels on Chevrolet Cavalier

by Editorial Team

Removing the door panels on your Chevrolet Cavalier is important if you are doing custom stereo work, fixing the locks or any other tasks. This simple guide will help you get the door panel off with ease.

Step 1

Open your door and roll the window all the way down.

Step 2

Use a door clip remover to unhook the c-clip holding the window crank in place.

Step 3

Remove the window crank.

Step 4

Unscrew three screws along the bottom of the door panel and one on the side of the panel.

Step 5

Take out the two screws in the cup near the handle.

Step 6

Undo the screw near your mirror adjustment. Then remove the plastic baffle around the mirror adjustment that is now loose.

Step 7

Pop the bottom of the door panel loose from the retaining pins with steady even pressure.

Step 8

Stand outside the car and pull out at the bottom of the panel. Then pull up and the door panel will slide right out.

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