How to Take Apart a Cadillac Door Panel

by Jenny Carver

The door panels of a Cadillac are suprisingly simple to take apart, considering the complex features and luxury level found in these vehicles. Disassembling the door panels may be necessary for adding upgraded speakers or an alarm system to repairing the window regulators or automatic door locks.

Step 1

Open the door all the way and roll the window down completely. Pull the interior door handle open so you can reach the small square panel behind it. Use a flat screwdriver to pop the panel off. Remove the Phillips screw from behind the panel.

Step 2

Use the flat screwdriver to gently pry off the plastic square from around the door lock knob. Pry off the plastic surrounding the door handle also.

Step 3

Pull on a bottom corner of the door panel with your hands. Pry it up along the edges to pop the plastic clips loose from the door. There are clips located along the back side edge of the panel along the bottom and each side. Once these are loose, lift the door panel and unhook it from the top of the door.

Step 4

Reach behind the door panel and unplug the wiring harness that connects the door to the underside of the electric window and door lock controls.

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