How to Remove Dents From Door Panels

by Jenny Carver

Door panels are made of thin sheets of metal stretched over lightweight frames that make the door. The sheet metal of the door panels are not as sturdy as fenders and are easily dented. Door panels are easily repaired, however, without having to take the car to a professional body repair shop. You may even be able to repair the door panel dents without having to make any paint repairs.

Step 1

Wet the surface around the dent with water and dish soap to make the surface slippery and wet. Place the plunger in the center of the dent and gently press it against the door to create suction.

Step 2

Pull the plunger back gently to pull the dent out. Pull harder if the first pull doesn't work. Pull harder each time to pull the dent out of the door panel. If the dent remains, slide the plunger down to release the suction, and rinse the soap off of the door.

Step 3

Open the door as wide as it will go. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove all of the screws from the door panel. There are screws above and below the door panels and inside pockets. Use the flat screwdriver to pop open the small square or circle covers that are covering some of the Phillip screws.

Step 4

Pull the door panel away from the door along the edges to pop the interior panel away from the door. Reach behind the panel and disconnect the wiring from the door to the back side of the interior panel. Lift the panel up and pull it off of the door.

Step 5

Peel the plastic sheet off of the metal door frame. This sheet is stuck to the door with strong adhesive. Peel it off and lay it flat so that the adhesive doesn't touch anything and can be reused.

Step 6

Touch the back side of the dent and gently push it out with your hand. Use more pressure or a rubber hammer to gently tap the dent out and into place.

Step 7

Replace the plastic sheet and interior door panel in the opposite order you used to remove it.

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