John Deere 47 Backhoe Specs

by Michael Gunderson

A backhoe is a piece of heavy machinery used for excavating. It consists of three basic parts: the tractor, the loader and the bucket. The bucket does the digging and is located at the back of the tractor; the loader is attached to the front. John Deere Co. developed the first self-scouring steel plow in 1837 during the settlement and development of the Midwestern U.S. The current global company is made up of three major business sectors; farming equipment, construction machinery and credit financing. The John Deere 47 backhoe operates with the John Deere 4200-4400 and 4410 utility-tractor series.

Digging Depth and Loading Height

The maximum digging depth is 7 feet 7 inches with the boom pin 14 inches above ground. When the bucket is at 60 degrees, the loading height is 5 feet 8 inches. The weight of the backhoe is 1,013 lbs.

Reach and Swing Arc

The bucket of a backhoe is attached to a hinged arm that has two parts. The part of the arm closest to the tractor is called the boom. The end of the arm attached to the bucket is called the dipper. The arm can reach 114 inches from the center line of the swing pivot. Swing arc is 180 degrees.


The backhoe itself is also known as the bucket and is capable of digging very hard compact material. Buckets for the backhoe are available in sizes from 9 to 36 inches. It can rotate 180 degrees. When the bucket is at 60 degrees, the loading reach of the backhoe is 43 inches.

Transport and Stabilizers

Backhoes have stabilizer legs located behind the rear wheels. The stabilizers take the burden of the weight while the backhoe is digging. They prevent strain on the wheels and keep the tractor steady. The spread width of the stabilizer when the backhoe is raised is 61 inches and 89 inches when it is lowered. The transport height is 69 inches. The transport overhang is 42 inches.

Other Specs

The backhoe has 27 horsepower. The relief valve is 2500 pounds per square inch. The bucket control mail relief valve is 2,250 psi. The backhoe has a 3-point hitch and a boom lift capacity of 540 pounds. The dump clearance is 6 feet to 6 feet 3 inches with a full height discharge.

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