The Specifications of a 2003 212S JCB Backhoe

by Shea Laverty

JCB is a construction, demolition and agricultural equipment manufacturer based in the United Kingdom. Founded by Joseph Cyril Bamford in 1945, the JCB company developed the first backhoe loader in 1954. The JCB 212S Backhoe was sold by JCB until 2006, when it was discontinued. Still, the 2003 JCB 212S boasts the pedigree that helped turn JCB into the number one worldwide provider of backhoes as of 2006.

Powerplant & Transmission

The 2003 JCB 212S backhoe is powered by a diesel engine with 73.2 horsepower at 2,200 rpm. Drive power is delivered to all four wheels using a "Synchro Shuttle" manual transmission with four forward speeds and four rear speeds.

Loader Bucket & Backhoe

The 2003 JCB 212S is equipped with a general purpose loader bucket. This bucket measures 77 inches wide and has a capacity of 1 cubic-yard. The JCB 212S backhoe is equipped with a fixed backhoe stick. The backhoe's retracted digging depth is 12 feet, and the 24-inc- wide bucket has a 4.3-cubic-foot capacity.

Hydraulics System

The 2003 JCB 212S backhoe uses a gear-type hydraulic pump system. This system maintains a pump flow of 19 gallons per minute, and has a main relief pressure of 3,300 psi. This system operates with a maximum capacity of 22 gallons of hydraulic fluid, with a 15.3-gallon hydraulic tank.


The loader bucket of the 2003 JCB 212S has a breakout force of 7,935 lbs. The backhoe bucket has a breakout force of 9,262 lbs. The backhoe stick can produce 5,485 lbs. of force. Breakout force is a measurement of the force an excavator vehicle such as the JCB 212S can apply to push it's bucket through a rock pile or face.

Steering & Tires

The 2003 JCB 212S uses a hydrostatic steering system. Both the front and rear wheels are equipped with 12.5 X 18-10PR tires.

Dimensions, Weights & Capacities

The 2003 JCB 212S has an overall length of 17 feet, 9 inches, and an overall width of 6 feet, 6 inches. With the backhoe bucket raised, it has an overall height of 12 feet, 6 inches. The wheelbase measures 72 inches, and the ground clearance is 13 inches. The height to the roll-over protection structure in the operator area is 8 feet, 8 inches. The loader has a dump height of 7 feet, 11 inches. With the backhoe arm extended, the 212S has clearance circle of 30 feet, 8 inches. The maximum reach for the backhoe arm from the pivot point is 15 feet, 1 inch. The vehicle has an operating weight of 12,144 lbs, and the fuel tank can hold 22 gallons of diesel fuel.

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