Bobcat 440 B Specs

by Alan Edwards

The Bobcat 440 B is a skid steer loader. It is powered by a two-cylinder engine. The 440 B has a universal skid steer quick hitch that allows adding many attachments, including buckets, harley rakes, trenchers, four-in-one buckets, pallet forks, dozer blades, grapple buckets, trench buckets, augers and stump grinders. The Bobcat 440 B was in production for eight years, from 1985 to 1993.


The Bobcat 440 B has a height of 71.5 inches, a length of 97.5 inches and a width of 35.5 inches. Its wheelbase is 28.4 inches. Front and rear wheel size is 5.70 by 12. Either or both wheels together (single or dual wheel drive) can be drive wheels. A parking brake is standard equipment on the Bobcat 440 B. The skid sled weighs 2,370 lbs.

Engine Specifications

Bobcat 440 B's engine is a Kohler M-18QS. This is an air-cooled twin-cylinder, gasoline engine that produces 18 horsepower. The engine's displacement is 42.19 cubic inches. Its rated operating capacity is 600 lbs. The engine has the Bobcat Interlock Control System (BICS) that requires the skid steerer operator to be seated with the seat bar in place and engine running before the hydraulic system and traction system can be engaged. The engine provides a top speed of 5.8 mph for the skid steerer.


The Bobcat 440 B's hydraulic system has a pump flow of 6.8 gallons per minute, and the pressure in the hydraulic lines is 1,350 pounds per square inch. The hydraulic arm, when extended, is 97.2 inches in length, 71.5 inches in height and 35.5 inches in width. The bucket width is 36 inches and its capacity is 5.1 cubic feet. The hydraulic system and the vehicle's steering are controlled by dual levers on the floor.

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