Bobcat 773 Specifications

by Andrew Cohen

The Bobcat 773 is a very versatile skid steer loader. A skid steer loader is a small-frame, engine-powered vehicle that is equipped with lift arms, to which an assortment of labor easing tools attach.

General Specifications

The Bobcat 773 has a diesel-powered, 56-horsepower, turbocharged engine. It has a 23-gallon fuel tank and a rated operating capacity of 1,850 lbs. The tipping load of a Bobcat 773 is 3,900 lbs., and its operating weight is 5,808 lbs.

Brakes and Suspension

The Bobcat 773 has a standard interlock brake system, as well as a suspension seat. It has a turning radius of 78.8 inches and a wheelbase of 40.6 inches.


The Bobcat 773 has a length without attachments of 101.8 inches long; with the standard bucket attached it stretches to 130.3 inches. It is 66 inches wide and stands 76.3 inches tall. The arms of the 773 have a 29.6-inch reach at maximum height.

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