Specifications of the Kawasaki Mojave 250

by Evan Gillespie
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Produced from 1987 to 2004, the Kawasaki 250 Mojave was one of the most popular small, recreational all-terrain vehicles throughout its production run and beyond. The Mojave was aimed at the sport enthusiast market, and although its performance and feature set were basic, its pricing was slightly higher than models produced by competitors Suzuki and Honda. The Mojave was intended to be a recreational trail vehicle rather than a racing ATV, but its solid performance and reliability made it popular with riders looking for a small, speedy vehicle.


The 2004 model year Mojave is powered by a four-stroke, single-cylinder engine with dual overhead cams and liquid cooling. The engine's displacement is 249 cubic centimeters, and its compression ratio is 11-to-1. It has a bore of 74 millimeters and a stroke of 58 millimeters. Fuel is delivered by a Kelvin CVK34 carburetor, and the fuel tank capacity is 2.2 gallons. Ignition is via a kick starter.


Power is delivered to the drivetrain via a five-speed transmission, which also includes a reverse gear. Shifting is handled by a manual, multi-disc clutch of the wet type. The vehicle's final drive is powered by a shielded chain.

Suspension, Brakes and Wheels

The vehicle's front suspension consists of double A-arms with shock absorbers that allow 6.9 inches of travel. The rear suspension utilizes a swing arm with a single shock absorber that allows 8.5 inches of travel. Front and rear disc brakes provide stopping power. The front wheels are equipped with AT21 x 7-10 tubeless tires, while the rear wheels are mounted with AT22 x 7-10 tires. The vehicle's wheelbase is 44.3 inches, its ground clearance is 8.5 inches at the center of the chassis and it weighs 379 pounds.

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