How to Unlock a Chevy Radio

by Aram Khayatpour
Rafael Andrade/Demand Media

Whenever a Chevy radio loses power, whether because of a dead battery or a disconnection, it will proceed to lock itself before it can be reused. In order to use this radio, you must go through a certain procedure that will enable you to unlock it. Unlocking a Chevy radio is done by extracting certain information from the unit, and then using that information to find and input the unlock code. All of this can be done without any tools.

Step 1

Start the car and turn on the radio.

Step 2

Press down on preset numbers two and three until a three-digit number displays on the radio. Write this number down.

Step 3

Push the AM/FM button and a new three-digit number will display. Write this number down to the right of the original number, to create a new six-digit number.

Step 4

Call 1-800-537-5140. This is the radio code phone line.

Step 5

Enter 106010, and then press *. This is the Chevy radio dealer code.

Step 6

Type in the six-digit number you had at the end of Step 3, and then press *. The phone line will then give you a four-digit number. Write this down.

Use the Minute and Hour buttons on the radio to type in this code, and then press the AM/FM button to unlock the radio.

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