Tools to Unlock a Car

by Eric Benac

Even with all the advances in automobile technology, such as automatic door unlockers, people still lock their keys in the car. This embarrassing situation can make a person feel helpless and humiliated. Luckily, there are a few tools that can help people get their cars unlocked. Many of these tools should only be used by professional mechanics or locksmiths, however.

Slim Jim

The slim jim is one of the more common tools used in unlocking a car. This is mostly due to its low cost and their effectiveness if used correctly. states that a slim jim, when operated properly, will unlock car doors. However, they advise novices to avoid using a slim jim due to the possibility of misuse. They state that misuse of the slim jim can cause serious damage to your locking mechanism and even your window if not used correctly. Use of the slim jim seems easy to many people, but it takes careful use. Slide the slim jim's notched end between the glass and the door of your car. Searching carefully will find the control arm for the locking mechanism. Hooking the control arm with the notch of your slim jim and pushing down will unlock the door. Again, please let professionals do this for you, unless you have learned proper slim jim use.

Jiggler Tryout Keys

The jiggler tryout key unlocking mechanism is one of the easiest tools to use for unlocking your car door. These heavy-duty keys are made out of tempered stainless steel and will last a long time. They essentially work as lock picks. The driver or lock picker will insert different keys into the lock individually and try to open the door. It may take a few different keys, but these jiggler keys will usually open most doors. The best thing about these keys is their ease of use. You don't have to be an expert lock picker or even know how to pick locks to use these keys, as the only work necessary is finding the correct key. They are available at most locksmith shops and online at sites like They can be bought according to brand name and style of car and generally come with about 10 keys per set.

Big Easy

The "Big Easy" unlocking system is available from many shops online, including This system is designed to cause no damage to your car's lock, unlike the more invasive slim jim. Using the "Big Easy" is also fairly simple, making it useful for wide ranges of people. A small plastic wedge is carefully slid between the door and the car to open it up slightly. A small inflatable bag is then placed in this opening and slowly inflated by an attached hand pump. This will create a small opening in your door big enough to slide a small wire. This wire will be several feet long with a hooked handle at the end. The handle can then be used to open the door by activating any automatic unlocking mechanisms or by grabbing the door handle. The system also comes with a "lock lifter" that will grab any vertical locks and pull them up.

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