Easy Ways to Unlock a Frozen Car Door Lock

by Riya Aarini
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If you live in the Snowbelt or any area where snow or ice hail down mercilessly, and you park your car outside, chances are you will be faced with the annoyance of a frozen door lock.

To help prevent frozen car door locks requires a little ingenuity: park your car so that your driver's side faces the sun, park in an indoor garage and spray de-icer at the end of each day to prevent the lock from freezing later on.


The best way to unfreeze the car door lock is to buy a de-icer from a hardware or auto shop. Spray the de-icer into the lock. Wait a few minutes, and then spray again.

Keep the de-icer in your wallet, purse or coat pocket. Leaving the de-icer in the car glove compartment when the door lock freezes does not help your purpose.


Use a match or lighter to heat your car key for a few seconds. Insert the key into the frozen car door lock multiple times, heating the key each time prior to inserting it. This process will take a few minutes to melt the ice in your door, but eventually it will allow you to open the lock.

Hair Dryer

Use a hair dryer and blow the warm air into the lock to unfreeze the door. You most likely will need an electrical power cord handy to trail to your car. This is a cumbersome alternative, but it is one that works.

Your Thumb

The body heat emitted by your own hand can be used to slowly melt the ice on your car door lock. Place your thumb on the frozen car door lock. The heat from your thumb will help loosen the frozen compartment of the lock. This may also take a while to see results, but if you have no other alternative, this is a worthwhile solution.

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