How to Unlock an Automatic Car Door Lock

by Robin Sarmiento

Automatic car door locks, also commonly known as "power door locks," were originally a feature of convenience included in the more upscale version of a model line. Today they have become more common as they are usually included as a standard feature in all units, from the base to the top of the line. Their main purpose is to allow the driver or the other occupants to lock or unlock all the doors of the vehicle simultaneously, with one press of a button or switch.

Step 1

Locate the central locking button or switch. There should be an image of a key

super-imposed on top of an image of a car door. This button is usually located on the hand rest of the door but depending on the vehicle model, can also be found on the center console.

Step 2

Press the button once. This will unlock the car doors if they are already locked.

Step 3

Grasp the door handle and push the door open.

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