How to Troubleshoot the Ford Focus Anti-Theft SecuriLock

by Alex Smith
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All Ford Focus models are equipped with SecuriLock, which is Ford's passive anti-theft system. Each car is sold with two electronic keys (three if your car has the valet feature) that are specially coded to work with the vehicle. The car will not start without using the proper coded key, partly to deter car thieves. However, sometimes the system engages when the rightful owner tries to start the car. If this happens, there are a few things you should troubleshoot before calling a dealer for repairs.

Step 1

Check the key that you are using to make sure that it is the right one for the car. This may sound basic, but if you own multiple cars with different smart keys, you could easily have grabbed the wrong one.

Step 2

Lock your car and activate the SecuriLock system by pressing the "Lock" button twice on your key fob. The horn will sound, confirming system activation. Unlock the car with the key fob, which should deactivate the system and allow you to start the car with an authorized ignition key.

Step 3

Remove other smart keys and electronic devices (such as those used to quickly purchase gasoline) from your key ring. These can interfere with the ignition key's signal and cause the SecuriLock system to engage.

Step 4

Inspect the ignition key for physical damage. If it has been crushed or bent in any way, the chip within the key may no longer be functional. Even though it is an authorized key, the SecuriLock system will not recognize it.

Step 5

Check the ignition lock on the steering console for damage or evidence of tampering. If someone has tried to steal your car and activated the SecuriLock system, you will need to have your car towed to a dealership to deactivate SecuriLock.

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