How to Make My Car Sound Like it Has a Turbo

by Michael Jones

A turbo system can cost over $3,000 for you to add to your car. If you're not planning to race your car and you don't care about its top speed or horsepower, you don't really need to add a turbo system to your car. If you simply like the sound, there are several products on the market that clip onto your muffler and replicate a turbo sound.

How to Make a Car Sound Like It Has a Turbo

Step 1

Buy a muffler tip online or from your local auto parts dealer.,, and all sell the tips. You can buy a muffler tip that is fit for your car's make and model or buy a generic tip that will fit pretty much every car. The generic tips will cost no more than $20.

Step 2

Insert the muffler tip into your muffler so that the fat end of the tip is inside the muffler.

Step 3

Clamp the tip onto the edge of your muffler. You don't even need tools to attach most tips, they just simply clamp onto your muffler.

Step 4

Start your car and press the gas. Listen as exhaust flows through your muffler pipe and a turbo sound is made.

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