How to Make My Car Sound Like a Muscle Car

by Simon Breedon
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The exhaust system of your vehicle does more than just dispose of air flowing through your engine. By applying some simple modifications to your vehicle's exhaust system, you can dramatically enhance the horsepower of your car and give it that muscle car sound that many American sports cars, such as the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, Chevrolet Corvette and the Dodge Challenger, have. Any common sedan or truck can easily sound like your favorite muscle car with a minor adjustment to the exhaust system.

Step 1

Examine the tubing of your exhaust system for clogging and damage. If there are dents or clogging in your system creating back pressure and making it more difficult for air to flow, this could significantly reduce your horsepower and prevent you from having the muscle car sound you seek.

Step 2

Remove, and replace, the muffler with an aftermarket high-performance model. Unscrew all bearings and bolts keeping the muffler in place, detach and replace with a high-performance aftermarket brand designed to enhance the engine's power and performance.The stock muffler is designed by the manufacturer to absorb sound, by routing the exhaust through several chambers within the muffler system, muffling the sound and absorbing heat from the engine. Aftermarket high-performance mufflers are modified for increased horsepower and free up the exhaust, allowing the air to flow more freely through the engine.

Step 3

Modify the tip of your exhaust system by adding or replacing your old tip with a high-performance exhaust tip. These tips add that muscle car reverberating sound that you are looking for, and they can be easily applied to the tip of your exhaust pipe in just a few minutes. They can also be inexpensively purchased through your local auto accessory store.

Step 4

Purchase an aftermarket turbocharger or supercharger. Buy one from an aftermarket parts shop or even from your manufacturer. This modification will enhance the performance of your exhaust system through pressurizing the air entering into each cylinder, providing more air for the engine and making it run more aggressively.

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