How to Make a V6 Mustang Sound Like a V8

by Scott Eilers
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Although many drivers enjoy the sound of a V6 Mustang, there is a notable difference between the engine note of a V6 and a deep, throaty V8. The only way to exactly duplicate the sound of a V8 engine in your V6 Mustang is to perform an engine swap, but there are much simpler modifications that will drastically alter the sound of your V6 Mustang so that it produces a reasonably similar exhaust note to that of a V8.

Step 1

Replace the factory exhaust system with a performance aftermarket dual-exhaust system. Most V8 Mustangs use a dual-exhaust system that provides a louder and more aggressive sound. Many companies produce dual-exhaust systems for V6 Mustangs that make a V6 Mustang sound more like a V8 Mustang when installed. The installation procedure is fairly simple and consists of lifting your Mustang, unbolting the factory exhaust and disconnecting it from the headers, then bolting on the new exhaust system and connecting it to the headers. Aftermarket exhaust systems will also provide a slight boost to horsepower when installed.

Step 2

Swap out the factory headers with performance aftermarket headers. Headers connect the engine cylinders to the exhaust, where hot air exits the engine bay, and are a major component of the overall sound produce by the engine. Replacing your factory headers with performance aftermarket headers will allow more air to flow to the exhaust, resulting in a louder and more aggressive engine note. Replacing the factory headers is also a relatively simple job, consisting of removing any engine components installed on top of the headers, unbolting and removing the factory headers, bolting in the new headers and reinstalling any engine components.

Step 3

Replace the factory mufflers with performance aftermarket mufflers. Mufflers are a component of the exhaust system, so it is not necessary to replace both the mufflers and the exhaust. However, replacing the factory mufflers will provide a change in engine sound similar to that of replacing the exhaust system and are much less expensive and simpler to install. The only downside is that replacing just the mufflers will not provide the horsepower increase that can be gained from replacing the entire exhaust system. Replacing the mufflers is simply a matter of unbolting and disconnecting the factory mufflers and installing the new mufflers in their place.

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