How to Use a Grease Gun Zerk Fitting

by Erin Stewart

There is a fitting on the ball joints of your vehicle called a zerk fitting. Failing to grease the zerk fittings on your vehicle could lead to a major failure. Newer vehicles have sealed ball joints that do not have zerk fittings, but older vehicles have a lot of zerk fittings that need to be greased regularly to avoid unnecessary wear and tear on your ball joints and tie rod ends. Keep your vehicle running properly by using a grease gun zerk fitting to grease your fittings and ball joints regularly.

How to Use a Grease Gun Zerk Fitting

Step 1

Purchase a grease gun with a zerk fitting on the end of it. This can be purchased at any auto supply store.

Step 2

Press the end of the grease gun on the end of the zerk fitting. You'll feel a slight click when the grease gun locks on.

Step 3

Pump the grease gun.

Step 4

Stop pumping when you see grease squeeze out the edges of the ball joint.

Step 5

Pull the grease gun off of the ball joint and repeat this process until all ball joints are greased.

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