How To Install a Steering Wheel Lock

by Kate Evelyn

A steering wheel lock is an inexpensive anti-theft device that makes it difficult for a thief to drive your car even if he is able to hot-wire it. More importantly it serves as a deterrent since thieves are more likely to target cars where they don't have to go through the trouble of trying to remove the device. Although this device can be tough to remove unless you have the key, it is very simple to install.

Step 1

Pull the two ends of the steering wheel lock apart until the exposed metal part (the part that is not colored or padded) is about the same width as the width of your steering wheel. Hold the device horizontally so that the longer end is to your right. This lets the steering wheel lock show through your windshield after you attach it.

Step 2

Place the hook closest to this longer end under the right side of your steering wheel and the other hook under the left side, pulling the lock further apart as needed. Put the device at more of a 45-degree angle instead of straight across. Check that it is tight and cannot slide up or down the steering wheel.

Lock in the device with the key that came with it if it doesn't lock on its own. Give it a few hardy tugs to make sure it doesn't come off of the steering wheel. Then check your steering wheel to ensure it doesn't turn. If either of these things happen, remove the steering wheel lock and start again at step one. You can remove your lock by inserting the key, turning it and pushing the two ends of the lock in toward the center of the steering wheel.


  • Even with your steering wheel lock in place, you should still lock your car doors. Your steering wheel lock won't keep thieves from stealing things out of your car. Put your stereo faceplate and any valuables in the trunk and out of sight if at all possible.


  • Don't lose the key to your steering wheel lock. It will be just as hard for you to remove as it is for the potential car thieves. If you pull your steering wheel lock apart too far, it will split into two pieces. Always complete step one while sitting in the car so it won't get damaged if this happens.

Items you will need

  • Steering wheel lock with key

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