How to Make a Slim Jim

by Kelly Townsend
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Getting locked out of your car can be incredibly frustrating. Try using a slim jim if you find yourself locked out without a spare key. The slim jim is easy to make and can get you out of a tough situation. By following these steps, you can learn how to make a slim jim.

Step 1

Find something around your home that is long, thin and made out of sturdy material. A metal ruler works very well, however, you can also use a thin strip of plastic banding or wire hanger. A hanger doesn't work as well, unless your window is open a slight crack.

Step 2

Cut a notch about a half-inch deep into the end of the ruler with a knife. This notch will act as a hook to add functionality to the end of the slim jim. If you are using a hanger, unbend the hanger and mold the hook into a size that can slip around your door latch.

Step 3

Insert the slim jim into the space between your car window and the weather stripping. This is a very narrow space; you only have about 1/4 inch to work with. You want to aim at the area next to the door’s lock.

Step 4

Slip your slim jim around the lock and lift the locking mechanism. To lift it, hook the moveable joint by sliding it into the notch of your slim jim. Gently lift until the door unlocks. This will take a few tries and you might need to re-shape your hook.

Step 5

Buy a slim jim at your local auto parts store if your homemade version doesn't work.

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