Thule Adventurer Mounting Instructions

by Eric Cedric

Thule makes a series of racks and cargo boxes for outdoor sports and travel use. The Adventurer is one of the company's larger cargo box offerings. Like all Thule rack products, it is made to be modular and fit on vehicle cross bars with a minimum of tools. You need an assistant to help lift the Adventurer up and onto the roof of the vehicle.

Step 1

Open the cross bar restraints on the roof rack and push them to a distance of no less than 23 5/8 inches. If possible, push them to the widest distance that can to accommodate the Adventurer.

Step 2

Turn the "Quick Grip" handle to open the cargo box and empty all contents. Close the box, lock the Quick Grip and have the assistant help lift the Adventurer up and onto the roof rack.

Step 3

Align the mounts under the Adventurer to the cross bars. When possible, mount the box farther to the back of the vehicle to minimize wind drag.

Step 4

Push the mounts so they clip onto the cross bars. Look underneath to confirm the two arms of each mount have "hugged" the cross bar (there are four -- two on each end of the Adventurer.)

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