How to Take a Car Apart

by Pamela Gardapee

Taking apart a car is easier than putting the car back together. If you know how to take a car apart or at least take the engine out, you have a starting point. Dismantling a car goes rather quickly especially if you are taking it apart for parts or for scrap. You do not have to be so particular about how everything comes apart. To take apart a car you need the basic mechanic tools as well as a engine hoist and maybe a cut torch if you are dismantling the entire car body.

Step 1

Start with the engine. Remove the hood. Disconnect and remove the battery. Cut all wires that lead from the engine to the dashboard. Drain and remove the radiator and fan. Remove the carburetor and air cleaner. Remove the alternator belts and the alternator. Disconnect the transmission and exhaust system from underneath the car. Disconnect the starter. Drain the oil and transmission fluids into a container.

Step 2

Remove the front grill. Attach the engine hoist to the engine. Once the hoist is connected, remove the motor mounts. The engine should now be free to rise. As you raise the engine, you may find a few more things to disconnect or wires to cut.

Step 3

Remove the transmission and exhaust system. Drain the brake fluid and remove the brake lines.

Step 4

Remove the front left and right fenders. Remove the doors. Remove the trunk hood. Remove the front and back windows. Remove the front and back bumpers. Remove front and back lights.

Step 5

Use a cutting torch to cut the left and right rear panels off the car. Then cut the roof supports to remove the roof.

Step 6

Remove the interior seats and any carpeting in the car. All that should be left is the chassis.

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