How to Remove an Acura Tl Starter

by William Zane

If the starter goes out on a car, it's not going anywhere. Fortunately, replacing the starter on most cars is not that difficult of a process. With a few tools and a new starter, you can replace a starter on an Acura TL in about an hour if you follow a proper procedure.

Step 1

Since the starter involved the electrical system, disconnect the negative battery terminal to avoid any electrical shorts or other issues.

Step 2

The starter is located on the driver's side just below the intake manifold and near the firewall. Remove the transmission dip stick, which partially obstructs the starter.

Step 3

Loosen the top bolt on the starter with a 14-mm wrench and loosen the bottom bolt with a 17-mm wrench a couple of turns but do not remove the bolts.

Step 4

After both of the bolts are loose, remove the top bolt and then the bottom bolt and pull the starter out of the transmission bell housing. You will have to angle the starter a little to remove it.

Step 5

Remove the wire that goes to the ignition switch. The wire should simply slide off. Use the 9-mm wrench to disconnect the nut that holds on the solenoid wire.

Step 6

Place wires on the new or remanufactured starter and place it back in the bell housing.

Step 7

Replace the top and bottom bolts.

Step 8

Put transmission dipstick back in the gearbox and reconnect the battery.

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