How Do I Change a Starter on a Jeep Wrangler?

by Gregory Crews
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Replacing the starter in your Jeep Wrangler is not a difficult task. And the task should not take long, as the starter is held on by just two bolts and two wires. The whole job will consist of working underneath the vehicle so that you have easier access to the starter. Take the old starter back to the parts store for a core credit. Core credit is the money the store added to the cost of the starter; this will be refunded when you return the faulty starter.

Safety Precautions

Isolate the electricity by disconnecting the battery on your Jeep Wrangler. Unhook the positive and negative terminals to ensure you can replace the starter without risk of electric shock. Set the parking brake, and chock the wheels. This will prevent the vehicle from rolling, and it's a good rule of thumb if you decide to jack up the vehicle as well.


Removing the starter will consist of pulling out two bolts and the wiring that runs to the starter. The starter is at the bottom of the motor toward the rear ahead of the transmission. Unbolt the positive wire from the solenoid on top of the starter. The ground is bolted in with the bottom bolt, so it will be removed when you undo the bottom bolt. Take the bottom bolt out with a socket wrench. While holding the starter with one hand, pull out the top bolt with the other hand. The starter will usually slide out at that point. In some cases you must tap it slightly with a hammer to free it up from where it has been mounted.


Installation is in reverse of removal. Place the starter up to the mounting point, and start the bottom and top bolts by hand. Once both bolts are aligned and in their holes, tighten them down with the socket wrench. Attach the ground wire to the bottom bolt. Connect the positive wire to the solenoid as it was when you removed it from the old starter. Do not over-tighten the positive wire, as you risk breaking the mounting post. Reconnect the battery to test out your new starter. The Jeep should crank with no hesitation.

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