How to Replace a Buick Starter

by Gregory Crews
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Replacing your starter in your Buick can be a time-consuming task as each model is different. One rule of thumb for easily locating the starter is to identify the red positive cable on your battery and trace the other end of the cable. This will lead to the starter, which is hooked directly to your battery. With a few simple tools you can disconnect the old starter and install the new one. You will notice a significant difference when you go to start the vehicle after replacing your starter.

Step 1

Open the hood to access the engine compartment. Disconnect the negative and positive terminal on the battery with a 7/16-inch wrench before replacing the starter.

Step 2

Locate the starter under the car. The starter will be located between the transmission and the engine.

Step 3

Disconnect the wires by unbolting the nuts on the studs with a socket wrench. Pull the wires off the studs. Mark the positive wire with a piece of masking tape.

Step 4

Disconnect the two bolts holding the starter to the frame with a socket wrench. Slide the starter off the engine.

Step 5

Position the new starter to the frame. Tighten the bolts to secure it in place.

Step 6

Connect the wires to the starter by unscrewing the nuts on the studs and placing the wires on the stud. Tighten the stud with a socket wrench. Ensure you position the positive wires on the positive stud. They will be marked accordingly.

Step 7

Connect the battery cables. Ensure the black cable is connected to the negative post and the redcable is connected to the positive post on the battery.

Step 8

Start the car to ensure the starter engages correctly.The car should start up right away.

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