Infinity G20 Starter Removal

by Michael Signal
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Several components work in concert to start the Infiniti G20. Wiring, relays and the car battery all play a part in the equation, but the starter is of utmost importance. And even though a car with a manual transmission can start with an inoperative starter, many luxury vehicles, such as the Infiniti G20, are equipped with automatic transmissions, which makes the starter absolutely necessary.


The starter is an electric motor that physically turns the Infiniti's engine over, or makes the engine crank move. A gear from the starter meshes with and turns the flywheel, which starts the engine.


The starter is located on the underside of the car. Look to the rear of the engine, toward the transmission. You may have to remove other parts to access the starter on some Infiniti models.


Disconnect the negative battery terminal for safety, then remove the starter electrical connector. Next, unscrew the starter bolts; there should be two, at most. Last, pull the starter out of the vehicle. Reverse the steps to install a new starter.

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