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How to Change the Alternator on a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon

by Owen Pearson

As the name suggests, an alternator provides alternating current (as opposed to direct current) to a car's engine. If the alternator goes bad, the car will not run. If you own a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon, changing the alternator is a challenging task because of its position on the vehicle. If you have an afternoon to spare, though, you should be able to complete this task yourself and save money on labor costs and parts markups.

Step 1

Disconnect the negative battery terminal from the battery to avoid the risk of electric shock. Locate the alternator, which is on the lower half of the engine block on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Step 2

Lift the spring-loaded pulley tensioner to remove the drive belt from the alternator.

Step 3

Place a car jack under the frame on the passenger side of the Tiburon and lift up the front passenger side until the wheel comes off the ground. Place car blocks behind the rear tires to prevent the vehicle from shifting backwards.

Step 4

Remove the lug nuts from the front passenger side wheel with a lug nut wrench. Remove the wheel. Locate the screws holding the slash guard in place. Remove these screws and set the splash guard aside.

Step 5

Use a ball joint tool to disconnect the tie rod spindle. Remove the exhaust pipe connectors with a ratchet and socket, and move the exhaust pipe aside.

Step 6

Disconnect the cables and wire connectors from the faulty alternator. Remove the bolts securing the alternator to the Tiburon. Position the new alternator and replace the bolts. Reconnect the electrical wire connectors and cables.

Step 7

Reconnect the exhaust pipe and the tie rod spindle. Replace the splash guard and screw it in place to secure it to the vehicle. Replace the wheel and tighten the lug nuts. Lower the car jack and remove the car blocks from behind the rear wheels.

Lift up on the pulley tensioner to replace the drive belt on the new alternator. Reconnect the negative battery terminal. Turn the ignition on the Hyundai to test the new alternator.


  • If the alternator mounting bolts are difficult to loosen, coat them with penetrating oil and wait 12 to 24 hours before attempting to remove them.

Items you will need

  • Car jack
  • Car blocks
  • Lug nut wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Ratchet
  • Socket set
  • Replacement alternator

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