Subaru HomeLink Auto Dim Mirror Instructions

by Patrick Hutchison

In 2005, Subaru began offering HomeLink as an optional accessory for each of its vehicles. HomeLink is integrated into Subaru's auto-dimming mirror, which electronically adjusts the glare of traffic headlights in your rear-view mirror. HomeLink is a feature that allows you to control home devices from your Subaru. HomeLink buttons can be programmed to operate house lights, security systems and garage doors. The Subaru HomeLink systems allows you to control up to three different devices.

Place the keys in the ignition and turn the car to "On." Do not start the car.

Hold down the first and third HomeLink buttons on your auto dimming mirror until the green light begins to flash.

Press and hold the device control button, such as for a remote garage door opener or remote light switch, and the HomeLink button you would like to program at the same time. The device must be held against or very close to the rear-view mirror for programming. Release both buttons when the green light flashes rapidly.

Hold down the programmed HomeLink button. If the green light illuminates without blinking, you are done. If the light blinks, continue to Step 4.

Locate the programming button on the actual device you are trying to control, such as the motor for your garage door opener.

Press the programming button on the device and, within 30 seconds, return to your car and hold down the HomeLink button you are programming for 2 seconds. Confirm that the button works by holding it down and looking for the sustained green light. If it does not work, repeat Step 4 and 5.


  • check Have a friend help you if you must use the programming button on the device. Make sure all batteries are fresh before beginning the programming process. Always keep your original device controls in case you need to reprogram your HomeLink mirror.


  • close Make sure you reset the HomeLink system before you sell or trade in your car. Leaving your HomeLink programmed will allow anyone driving the car to access your devices. Reset the HomeLink mirror by completing only Step 2.

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