How to Sign Multiple Owners on a Car Title

by Shanan Miller

If more than one owner exists on a car title, all must sign to legally release vehicle ownership. While many states require the two signatures on the title, the exact place to sign may differ. For this reason, you should completely read your title over to identify any co-owner signature instructions, should any exist. In addition, contacting your state motor vehicle office can fully assist you in a title transfer.

Step 1

Find the designated spot on your vehicle title for the owner's signature, which is sometimes labeled as "seller's signature" or "owner." Read all sections and box descriptions of the title over completely to determine whether a co-owner section exists. Often, one does not.

Step 2

Sign your name in the space provided for release of ownership exactly as your name appears on the front of the title. For example, if Jr., Sr., III, or a middle name exists, the title must be signed as so.

Step 3

Have the co-owner sign the title the same way. If no box or designated area for a co-owner exists, he must sign next to your name. You can put the word "and" in between the names for clarity.

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