How to Transfer a Car Title to a Spouse

by Shanan Miller
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Even though you are transferring a title to your spouse, you'll have to follow the standard procedures for transfer of ownership in your state. This involves signing over the title to your spouse and going to your state's motor vehicle department to complete the transfer. If you have a lien holder listed on your title, or a bank loan, you probably cannot transfer ownership. Very few states allow this and, even though you are married, the bank will not allow it unless the spouse is on the loan.

Step 1

Look over the front and back of your title and locate the area for the seller's information. Read the title carefully. You cannot sign in the wrong place, otherwise the title becomes void. Some states have various boxes for different motor vehicle services, while some only offer one box for selling.

Step 2

Sign and date the designated spot on the title. Print your name and address if the title requires it.

Step 3

Fill out the odometer statement if your state's title requires it. Read the odometer box thoroughly, it may say that vehicles 10 years or older are exempt.

Step 4

Go to a motor vehicle office with your spouse. Your state also may require that your signatures be notarized or that you complete additional forms, such as a gift transfer, which would prevent your spouse from paying taxes on the vehicle since you already have. Complete the process together, just in case more forms are required.

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