How to Transfer a Utility Trailer in Texas

by Eric Cedric

Transferring the title to a utility trailer in the state of Texas constitutes a simple procedure you can complete in one of three ways. You can either submit the title transfer online, print out a downloadable form and bring it to a local branch of the Texas DMV or fill out the form online, print it and mail it in to the Texas DMV. The array of methods offers you options whether you are in or out of state and need to transfer a title.

Find out whether anybody holds a lien on the existing title for the utility trailer. If so, obtain the lien holder's signature on Form Tx-DMV Vision 21 to prove that he will allow the transfer to take place. (If a person holds a lien on the title, you may not submit the transfer electronically.)

Submit the Texas Tx-DMV Vision 21 form (see link in Resources section). If going to the local DMV branch, either print out and fill in the form or request the form in person at the office. Have the owner of the utility trailer sign the back of the existing title and fill in your name (or that of the transferee) on the appropriate line on the title.

Submit the filled-out form electronically if nobody holds a lien on the trailer, and wait for the payment page to come up. Fill out the payment method. To submit electronically, you must have a valid credit or debit card. Print the new transferred title when the DMV website accepts your payment. Wait for the hard copy to arrive in the mail.

Present the filled-out form to the clerk at the DMV if submitting in person. Present the fee (as of 2010, the fee was $2.50), and obtain your printed copy of the new title.

Mail the filled-out form along with the fee if submitting through the Postal Service. Wait for the new title to arrive via mail.

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