How to Sell a Used Commercial Truck

by Emily Patterson

Many of the steps to sell a used commercial truck are the same for selling any other vehicle. You will need to gather together all relevant documentation and legally transfer ownership when the vehicle is sold. The main difference versus selling a consumer vehicle will be the options for advertising the used commercial truck. There are websites and publications specifically suited for getting the best exposure and improving your success for a quick sale.

Determine Value

Step 1

Gather basic information such as the make, model, year and mileage of the used commercial vehicle.

Step 2

Gather together all documentation, including owner's manuals, title, registration and any other relevant documentation for the vehicle.

Step 3

Inspect the commercial truck to assess the condition, such as paint discoloration, chips, dents and condition of the interior.

Step 4

Document accident history and the work done at a repair shop to fix damage from any accidents.

Step 5

Document routine maintenance such as oil changes, condition of tires and filter replacements.

Compare the information gathered with that for other used commercial trucks to determine your selling price. The selling price should be somewhere in the middle of the range between the highest and lowest prices found.

Advertising Options

Step 1

Place advertisements in local newspapers and other publications that have a section for selling used vehicles.

Step 2

Visit or call local commercial dealerships and inform them of the used commercial truck. Ask if they would buy or spread word of the vehicle you have for sale.

Step 3

List the used commercial truck for free on the website.

Step 4

Post flyers with all relevant information and at least one photo in truck stops and at parts stores that allow flyers.

List the used commercial truck for free on in your local area. Although the majority of the vehicle listings on CraigsList are consumer vehicles, the high volume of visitors increases the probability that someone visiting the site will see your ad and know someone who may be interested in the commercial truck you have for sale.

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