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How to Check a Commercial Truck VIN Number

by Meaghan Ellis

Commercial truck VIN numbers are used to assist you in learning a vehicle's detailed history, such as the number of owners, title changes, and wreck or damage history. This is a strong asset to have when purchasing used vehicles. You can avoid getting ripped off by finding out information that may not be disclosed by the seller. VIN number checks will help you get your money's worth out of any commercial truck you purchase.

Step 1

Open the truck's cab door. (If you do not have access to the vehicle, you can request the VIN from the owner or seller.)

Step 2

Look along the side panel of the cab door and record the 17 characters that will be displayed in both letters and numbers along the side of the door.

Step 3

Go online to a reputable Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) verification site, such as VINguard or CARFAX.

Step 4

Type the 17-character VIN into the blank data form on the site's homepage.

Click on the search result that displays the commercial truck's make, model and state location.


  • Several data items are encoded in a commercial truck VIN. See the Reference below for more information.


  • The VIN search results will only display the vehicle's make, model, and state location. Any other information on the truck will have to be purchased from the website. In order to purchase more detailed information on that particular VIN number, simply click on the search result link and opt to purchase the full report by debit or credit card.

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