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How to Rent a Truck Shell

by Lacy Enderson

For the person who occasionally needs to use a shell on a truck, renting one might prove to be a better alternative to buying one. For the occasional camper, camper shells are also ideal for renting. Instead of putting a large amount of money into the purchase of a truck shell, you may never use, why not look into renting one instead.

Step 1

Rent a truck camper shell online at RV Seek. Click the link in the bottom right hand corner where it reads, "Try before you buy, rental options." Under campers, click on truck campers or find another link to the type of shell rental you need. Follow the online instructions for renting a camper or a truck shell.

Step 2

Access the Fast and Easy RV Rental Locator on the internet. Click the link to your state. When the page loads, click the link to the city where you live. You will be given a list of businesses that provide RV and camper/shell rentals within miles of your given location. The list includes addresses, phone numbers and rental information.

Step 3

Go to the Laguna Beach Truck Campers and Shells website to find a location near you where you can rent a truck shell. Don't let the name fool you. Once you arrive to the homepage, type in your city and state and a page will load with local listings for shell rentals. Each listing provides access to local names, addresses, phone numbers and a site map.

Step 4

Use your local yellow pages to find Recreational Vehicles or Renting and Leasing. Most cities offer RV and camper rentals. Call the numbers in your phone book to see if they also rent truck shells. Many of them do. Now turn to Truck Renting and Leasing. Most truck rental locations who specialize in pick up trucks, also rent shells.

Become a member of the I Rent 2 U online rental marketplace. You can rent anything on this site. After you login, click the link that reads Rent Tab and start searching for a truck shell. Each individual listing is from a member of the community and will provide all rental information upon contact.


  • Make sure to take your truck to the rental location when renting any type of shell to make sure it fits before driving away. With any shell rental, make sure to inspect the shell carefully before you leave in case there is anything wrong with it. If you leave with a damaged shell, you will be responsible for it when you return.


  • If the rental yard offers an optional insurance, it's a good idea to take it.

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