How to Sell a Car as Scrap Metal

by Pamela Gardapee

If you're planning to sell a car as scrap metal, you have to dismantle it and remove parts and fluids that are not accepted by salvage companies. Follow these steps to prepare your car for the scrap heap.

Drain the oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, wiper fluid and radiator so there are no fluids left in the car.

Remove the radiator, radiator cover and battery.

Next remove the brake fluid container and starter.

Remove the carburetor, air filter, distributor cab and spark plugs.

Remove all wires leading to the fenders and into the car's dashboard. It's not important to keep these parts, so you can cut any wires that you need to.

Remove the hood.

Remove the engine from the car with an engine hoist. Attach the hoist chains to the engine and remove the transmission bolts from the engine and the catalytic converter. Remove the motor mounts and raise the engine out of the car. Any parts or wires left in the car's engine compartment should be removed.

Remove the transmission and the exhaust system.

Remove the dashboard and the seats. Remove the steering wheel and the door panels. Rip out any carpeting on the floors inside the car and in the trunk.

Load the remaining car on the car trailer and tighten down loose lug nuts on the tires. Take the car to a scrap metal recycling center and remove the tires as the crane picks up the car. You will have to take the tires back home if the scrap metal place does not accept the tires.


  • check Sell the parts you take off the car in newspapers or on eBay.
  • check Always get a title for the car with salvage written across it from the owner.


  • close Make sure the car is not salvageable before disassembling it.

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